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I want to work in the impact space! Where do I begin?

Aspiring Impact Space Entrant

I would like to understand various scale models


What is the latest thinking on technology leverage and big data?

Donor / Funder

How do I keep my team engaged and motivated?

Social Enterprise Manager

Visaara Learning

The core of Visaara is capability building of all key ecosystem players in the impact space.  Watch this space for exciting Webinars with IIMB Faculty, Podcasts with Industry experts and specialists, Role based learning journeys, Toolkits, Self assessments and Reading recommendations for those of you who enjoy self-paced learning.  

We will also be announcing blended learning journeys here for various role holders in the sector.

Broadly, Visaara learning encompasses the following aspects:

multiple online and offline learning channels

Role-based & Thematic

  • Role based learning journeys for critical roles in the impact space

  • Thematically organized content around 'Spotlight' current themes and classics such as Leadership development

Online & Blended

Learn from a host of carefully curated and created online content.  Sign up for specially designed blended learning journeys packed with sessions from Faculty and Experts.

Faculty & Experts

Content and courses are designed / facilitated / anchored by IIMB's faculty and industry experts to bring you a fine synthesis of frameworks, models and field based learnings.

We are curating and creating a host of content just for you!

So keep watching this space!!

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